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Dec 4, 2006 at 7:16 PM
Where can I get more .THM themes?
Dec 9, 2006 at 10:11 PM
The short answer: there aren't any more...

The longer answer: there are a few, but they were created when ThemeKit had less controls, and as such they do not define styles for all controls and therefore do not render correctly when those controls are in use. I can upload them somewhere if you want them.

If you are desperate for themes, you could create your own. If you open the .thm files with a zip archiver (or rename them to .zip and open them with windows explorer), you will find a file named theme.xml, which contains the definition of the theme. The format is fairly simple to understand. The other files in the .thm (zip) archive are images which are referenced by file name in the theme.xml file.
Dec 10, 2006 at 3:00 PM
Hi! i found this excellent program and i'm testing it and found i think a problem in it, if i alter the thm(xml file) file a number of times and then use it again in the project, adding it again to the form, after some time the changes that i make in the xml file doesn't appear to reflect in the form. Are all the tags in the xml file the ones that exist or there are more (where can i found information about all the tags), i've downloaded the source and found that you have a theme editor project, is this editor be available also or not.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question and for the excellent program.
Dec 11, 2006 at 8:43 PM
I'm afraid there is no list of tags, however if you take a look at the ExBrush.cs file (particularly the load method), you will be able to see what tags are read by ThemeKit.

As for your problem with loading themes after modifications, I haven't seen it myself so I don't know what could be the cause... Is there any chance you could narrow down the cause of the problem a little?
Dec 11, 2006 at 9:43 PM
Thanks for the reply, i can give you an example of the problem that i'm having: The see diferent types os skins i use the wlm.thm file which is complete, if the change this code:
<NormalBackground1 Type="Fill" Color="255236243246"> <!-- This property (Color) more than once and then update the thm file with winrar, i can't say for sure how many times i do this until the problem appears, and then add it to the form in visual studio 2005, after some time the style ain't uploaded to the form it just stays the same, by the way what's the meaning of 255 236 243 246 i know that the last three parts are the RGB but what about the first one, hope that this help understanding the problem.-->
<Path Type="RoundedRectangle" Size="5"/>
<!--rectangulo do form principal-->
<NormalBackground2 Type="Fill">
<Location Top="-30"/>
<Size Height="150"/>
<Color Position="0">255023057116</Color>
<Color Position="0.5">255119172186</Color>
<Color Position="0.8">255236243246</Color>
<Color Position="1">255236243246</Color>
<NormalBackground3 Type="Fill" Image="Decoration.png">
<Location Left="W-283" Top="-30"/>
<Size Width="286" Height="113"/>

<!--<ActiveBorder1 Type="Fill" Color="255236243246">
<Path Type="RoundedRectangle" Size="10"/>
<ActiveBorder2 Type="Fill">
<Size Height="150"/>
<Color Position="0">255023057116</Color>
<Color Position="0.5">255119172186</Color>
<Color Position="0.8">255236243246</Color>
<Color Position="1">255236243246</Color>
<ActiveBorder3 Type="Fill" Image="Decoration.png">
<Location Left="W-286"/>
<Size Width="286" Height="113"/>
<ActiveBorder4 Type="Outline" Color="100020055115" Size="4">
<Path Type="RoundedRectangle" Size="10"/>
<ActiveBorder5 Type="Outline" Color="200020055115">
<Path Type="RoundedRectangle" Size="10"/>

<NormalTitleText Type="Fill" Color="White">
<Halo Size="4" Color="010255255255"/>





Dec 12, 2006 at 6:29 PM
I'll take a look over the weekend if I get time and see if I can track down the problem...

The format of the colors is AAARRRGGGBBB (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue)